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Super Mario is the name of Nintendo's most popular series. This series revolves around the adventures of Nintendo's mascot, Mario. Super Mario has a wide cast of many unique characters. The adventures are mostly featuring Mario trying to stop Bowser, the evil king of the koopas.


Super MarioEdit

The Super Mario series games are games revolving around Bowser capturing Princcess Peach and Mario saving her. All the game titles begin with "Super Mario".

Mario & LuigiEdit

This series is a RPG-style game. It features Mario and Luigi , and Bowser is also a recurring ally in the series.

Paper MarioEdit

Paper Mario is also a RPG game. All the graphics in the game is designed to look like paper.

Related seriesEdit


WarioWare features Mario's obese rival, Wario as the main character. The series is where Wario founds a minigame company, and the gameplay is you playing the games that he makes.


The Yoshi series features Mario's pal Yoshi . It takes place when Mario and the gang were babies.

Donkey Kong Edit

This series is not a Mario sub-series, but is affiliated with it the same. It features the adventures of Donkey Kong and his family.